Behind the Hat Press was established in 2020 by author C L Moir, and David Grant, a writer with over fifteen years' experience in publishing. Our aim is to publish literary fiction that we want to read: stories that engage with plot, character and word; intelligent stories written to inspire and entertain. We were finding it more and more difficult to find them in bookshops. So now we publish them ourselves. We love stories that are:


More than any other publisher we know, we value great stories above great marketing opportunities. We don't care if our writers would rather avoid the public eye and stay Behind the Hat - so you probably won't find them on social media. They're too busy writing great novels - novels that we love and hope you love too.


We love Intelligent, entertaining, engaging, challenging, funny, gripping, disturbing, moving, funny, thrilling stories  - but above all, we love accessible stories. The kind that read as though the author made it up and wrote it down as they went along. The kind that, in fact, take authors months of writing, re-writing and re-writing...


We don't care what genre our stories are, if any. All we are interested in are beautifully crafted stories, beautifully told. And when we find them, we work closely with the author to polish them until they shine, then publish beautifully illustrated,  beautifully made, hardback, clothbound editions of them.